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How Do They Do It? 12 with Lasse Rimmer (S12E2)
Mighty Ships (S3E4)
Salvage Hunters (S9E2)
Wheeler Dealers (S10E2)
American Chopper (S10E4)
Garage Rehab (S1E20)
Kindig Customs (S5E11)
The Last Alaskans (S2E4)
Mythbusters (227)
Garage Rehab (S1E20)
Kindig Customs (S5E11)
Deadliest Catch (S10E4)
Fast N' Loud (S4E7)

On Discovery Channel today you can watch How Do They Do It? 12 with Lasse Rimmer, Mighty Ships, Salvage Hunters, Wheeler Dealers, American Chopper, Garage Rehab, Kindig Customs, The Last Alaskans, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, Fast N' Loud
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