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Outback Truckers (S4E10)
Storage Hunters UK (S5E6)
Baggage Battles (S2E7)
How It's Made (S7E10)
How Do They Do It? (S14E16)
Expedition Unknown (S2E1)
Gold Rush (Season Specials) (S9E3)
Gold Rush: White Water (S2E1)
Alaska: The Last Frontier (S8E16)
Gold Rush: Parker's Trail (S2E3)
Curse of the Frozen Gold (S1E3)
What on Earth? (S4E13)
Gold Rush (Season Specials) (S9E3)
Gold Rush: White Water (S2E1)
Wheeler Dealers (S13E13)
Wheeler Dealers (S14E13)

On Discovery Channel today you can watch Outback Truckers, Storage Hunters UK, Baggage Battles, How It's Made, How Do They Do It?, Expedition Unknown, Gold Rush (Season Specials), Gold Rush: White Water, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Gold Rush: Parker's Trail, Curse of the Frozen Gold, What on Earth?, Wheeler Dealers
Discovery Channel today
Discovery Channel tonight